2015 Marching Band commitment form

The following fees shall be paid by Friday, July 31, 2015 ($10.00 late fee will be charged if fees and quota payments are not paid by their respective due dates and an additional late fee of $10 per month will be assessed for every month your student’s account shows a balance due) and all fees and quota payments are non-refundable. 

  • Transportation Fee -- $90 per student (all band and guard members).  This fee is used to offset the cost of bus transportation to and from football games and contests.  This covers approximately 37% of our total transportation cost; the rest is covered through fund-raising.
  • Dry Cleaning Fee -- $40 per student (band members only, not applicable to color guard).  This is used to cover the cost of dry-cleaning the band uniforms during the season.
  • Guard Uniform Fee -- $40 per student (color guard members only).  This is used to cover the cost of the uniform which is purchased annually.
  • Band Camp Lunches -- $20 per student.  This fee is used to cover the cost of lunches provided to the students during the week of band camp.

Total for above fees is $150. Please make checks payable to "Bishop Watterson Band Boosters."

Quota –Each band and guard member is required to participate in the band’s fund raising events.  All members must either meet the sales quota or make a payment that represents the profit the Boosters would have made on the quota. Minimum quotas are as follows:

Event                                  Quota                                    Payment

Candy sale *                       60 bars              or                  $30.00 ($0.50 our profit per bar)
Fall sub sale *                     55 subs             or                $137.50 ($2.50 our profit per sub)
Spring sub sale *                 55 subs             or                $137.50 ($2.50 our profit per sub)

* Participation by all marching band and color guard members IS MANDATORY for all three fundraising events. The sub sale quota amounts are reduced for families with two or more students.

Incentive Accounts – Students have the opportunity to earn incentive dollars by selling more than the quota amounts of candy bars or subs, or by working at the car washes.  For any items sold above the quota amount, the profit will be credited at 50% to the band member's incentive account and 50% donated to the total band fund (the remainder pays for the cost of the subs and candy bars).  All funds raised at the car washes are allocated to the incentive funds of the students based on the time worked.  Money in the incentive accounts can be used by the students to pay for quotas, band shirts, shoes, gloves, dry cleaning, transportation fees, or can be applied toward the biennial trip.

Other – Each band member must have a band-logo polo shirt for the summer uniform.  Members also must purchase marching shoes and gloves.  These items typically only need to be purchased in the student’s first year in the band, and can be re-used in subsequent years.  The cost of these items will be determined by the band directors.

The Officers recognize the significance of these commitments.  We make every effort to ensure your money is used wisely and fairly to provide our students the best possible band experience.   Any expenditure of Band Boosters funds must be approved in advance.  A copy of the budget and most recent available financial report will be available upon request. 

If the published payment schedule presents a hardship to a student and his/her family other arrangements can be made to extend these payments.  Any such arrangements shall be made with the Band Booster President and be kept confidential between the student/family and the Bishop Watterson Band Boosters executive board.

The timely payment of fees and quota payments is essential for the band to cover its expenses.  Therefore, prior to being permitted to sign-up for further activities (Disney trip, winter or spring activities/trips, etc…) that student must be current, with no balance owing in their incentive accounts. Applications for such activities shall not be accepted from students in arrears.  Furthermore, in consideration for being permitted to participate in any trips, including, but not limited to the Disney trip, each student’s incentive account must be current prior to being permitted to board the bus/take part in the trip.  Any student who has a negative balance at the time the bus is scheduled to load will not be permitted to participate and will forfeit any sums paid for that trip. 

Any moneys not paid when due will be automatically charged to the student’s incentive account, if such funds are available.


1. How much do I have to pay if I sell less than my quota?

Any student selling less than the required quota must pay an equivalent amount representing the profit the band would have received if the product had been sold.  For the sub sales the profit is $2.50 per sub; for the candy sale the profit is 50 cents per bar.  For example, if you sell 30 subs (25 less than the quota), your quota payment is (25 times 2.50) $62.50.

2. How much do I earn if I sell more than my quota?

The profit on any product sold in excess of the required quota is split evenly between the incentive account and the band booster general fund.  For every candy bar you sell after the first 60, you earn $0.25.  For every sub you sell after the first 55, you earn $1.25.

3. How do I earn incentive money from the Car Wash?

Every student working at the Car Wash must record his/her sign-in and sign-out times on the sheet maintained by the Car Wash organizer.  The total amount raised at the Car Wash is divided among all students based on the number of hours worked by each.  Be sure you record your time, or you won’t get credit for your hours worked.

4. How do I find out the balance in my incentive account?

Statements will be sent out at least 3 times per year:  near the end of band camp, shortly after the Fall Sub Sale, and shortly after the Spring Sub Sale.  You can request a statement any time by calling or e-mailing the Treasurer.  To save time and money, statements are sent by e-mail, so please make sure that the Treasurer has your correct e-mail address.

5. What happens to the money in my incentive account at the end of the year?

The balance in your incentive account can be carried over to the next school year.  Any incentive balance remaining at the end of your Senior year is donated to the band boosters general fund.  Incentive balances cannot be transferred to other students (unless the other student is a sibling).

6. Do I still have to participate in the Spring Sub Sale, even if I am not in Concert Band?

Yes!  The Spring Sub Sale is a Marching Band/Color Guard fund-raiser.  You must meet your quota; either selling 55 subs or paying the quota amount.