Booster Committees

Committee Chairmen

Committee Chairmen, comprised of Watterson Band members' parents, work tirelessly to keep the more than twenty Band Boosters committees running in a well organized and professional manner.

The following descriptions of each committee are provided to familiarize prospective and current band parents with the functions of each committee in order to allow both to be knowledgeable of the parental commitment to the Watterson Band Program.

Joining any one of these committees is a great way to make friends and get involved in your child’s marching band experience. Please consider sharing your talents with the Band Boosters.

Awards Banquet

The Awards Banquet is an annual event which takes place in May, to celebrate our year’s successes. We also take this opportunity to honor our hard-working and talented graduating seniors. Believe it or not, most of the students actually get dressed up! Held in the Watterson cafeteria, it is a catered dinner followed by presentations, awards, and the much anticipated announcement of next year’s show theme!

The Chairperson(or Co-Chairpersons) of the Awards Banquet is responsible for securing a caterer, sending invitations, collecting RSVP’s and payment (sorry – catered dinners aren’t free!) Volunteers help set up, decorate, greet guests, and clean up. If you would like to volunteer, please sign up at the August Potluck. If you miss the sign up - not to worry! We accept volunteers anytime!

Band Camp Lunches

The Watterson Band Boosters provide approximately 100 daily lunches for all band members, guard members, and band staff during Band Camp Week. This camp is typically held the second week in August at Watterson High School. The committee consists of two co-chairmen and numerous band parent volunteers. Committee responsibilities include purchasing food and beverages for daily lunches as outlined in a pre-determined menu and according to budgetary Guidelines established by the Band Boosters and their treasurer; securing volunteers and assigning duties including food purchase, food preparation and clean-up; overseeing the daily food preparation and set-up of the buffet line. This committee does have the use of the Watterson kitchen for food preparation and the freezers and coolers for food storage.

Typically this committee meets once in June to discuss the plan of action for August, assign responsibilities, contact volunteers, and confirm information with the band directors. During Band Camp Week, this committee will typically spend some time in July planning and obtaining supplies, and approximately 4 hours per day in food preparation, set-up and clean-up at the high school.

Band Parties

Band Parties traditionally occur once a week throughout the Marching Band season at the homes of band families for the enjoyment of all Watterson Band Members and their parents. These parties are scheduled either on a Friday or Saturday night immediately following the last performance or competition of the weekend and last until Midnight or 1:00 A.M.

The host family is responsible for soliciting 6 additional band couples to act as sponsors, chaperones, and set-up/clean-up crew during the party. These couples provide food, non-alcoholic beverages, games, and manpower to chaperone the neighborhood, yard, and interior of the party site, for the enjoyment of all attendees. The host family is also responsible for supplying an invitation flyer that includes the details of the party and a map to their home for each band member. It is also helpful if the host family notifies their local authorities and neighbors as a courtesy prior to the event.

Band parties are open to band members, parents, and siblings, ONLY. Other guests are not allowed.  Another rule is that once a band member leaves the party they cannot come back to the party. Alcoholic beverages are not permitted for anyone.

Parents are welcome to attend all parties as a sponsor or non-sponsor. Attendance at these parties is a great chance to meet other parents, meet your kid’s friends, or to have a place to go until it’s time to give your child a ride home. It is common for these parties to have as many as 30 parents and the band directors & their families in attendance.

The schedule for the Band Parties is organized by the Band Booster Vice Presidents. Senior parents have first call to host.  If additional hosts are needed, Junior parents may then host a band party.

Bus Chaperones

Traditionally and in compliance with school policy, Bus Chaperones are needed to ride on the buses with the Watterson Band members as they are transported to all performances, competitions, and trips. At least two chaperones are needed per bus that is rented, therefore requiring six chaperones per event. Usually two or three standard yellow school buses are rented per event through V.A.T., Inc. Occasionally, the Band Booster funds will allow for the rental of luxury coaches.

Bus chaperones are scheduled through the Band Booster Vice Presidents. All bus chaperones must have gone through Protecting God's Children.  It is advisable to contact them as early as possible since Bus Chaperones receive free admission to the event that they attend while chaperoning. The Potluck Dinner provides an opportunity for any band parent to sign up for this volunteer role.

Car Wash



The Marching Band Directory is a listing of all Marching Band & Color Guard members for the upcoming season which lists their name, address, phone number, parent’s names, grade and instrument or section.  The directory is compiled once a year in the spring and summer months.  New freshman enrollee information has been provided by the Watterson office.  

It has always been a one-person committee because it is done on the computer and would probably be hard to coordinate between more than one person.  The band roster will be posted on the band website and protected behind username/password login.


The Band Boosters has several fundraisers to help band members earn money for their incentive accounts, which may be used to pay for various expenses associated with marching band, as well as generate funds for the Boosters general fund, which helps pay for uniforms, transportation costs, equipment, etc. Below is a list of the various fundraisers.

  • Candy bar sales- Fall
  • Sub Sales- Fall and Spring
  • Car washes- Summer
  • Jazz Dinner - Spring
  • Kroger Gift Cards - Reloadable gift cards come preloaded with $5 on them, and may be purchased for $5. Up to $500 may be reloaded on to the gift cards at one time. The gift cards may then be used to pay for anything purchased at Kroger, including groceries, gasoline, and prescriptions. 5% of every dollar loaded onto the gift card is rebated to the Band Boosters. 2.5% of this is credited to the band members incentive account, and 2.5% goes into the Boosters general fund. This is a simple and easy way of raising money for the band member and the Boosters without selling anything. No extra money is spent…only money that is normally spent at Kroger for groceries, etc. For Kroger Plus card holders, this is also a way to save even more money on gasoline purchases at Kroger gas stations. There is no limit to the number of cards which can be credited to an individual band member. Family, friends, and neighbors can be enlisted to help by using a Kroger Gift Card. These Gift Cards may also be used at Fred Meyer stores, Dillons, and several other merchants nationwide (listed on the gift card).
  • Band DVD sales
  • Band CD sales
  • Band calendar sales
  • Band photos sales
  • Graduation Banners

Homecoming Festival


Photo Buttons/Pictures

Band photography is a great opportunity to tour around with the band catching them at their best at competitions, football games, Senior Band Night, trips, fundraisers and Band Camp. The committee chairman supplies photos for the website as well as the annual video/DVD production. Along with candid photos, the committee chairman arranges for and produces formal images for buttons and individual and group photos.

Potluck Dinner

An annual Band Booster Potluck Dinner, held in August, has traditionally been the first gathering of the year for Watterson Band Members and their families. The evening’s primary purpose is social, but it is also a chance for each committee to solicit the volunteers they will need throughout the year. Sign up sheets requesting chaperones for the football game and band competition bus rides are also posted (not a bad idea to bring your Fall calendar along!), and the annual Band T-shirts often can be ordered that evening (having your checkbook in tow wouldn’t hurt either!). While one committee chairperson and a handful of volunteers are required, the potluck dinner is one event that is dependent upon contributions from each and every band family to be a success.

One Potluck Dinner Committee Chairperson is responsible for securing the site, coordinating the assignments for prepared dishes needed, and purchasing drinks and paper products for the evening. The committee chair along with a small number of volunteers also spend about an hour that evening setting up tables, and preparing drinks. Each band member’s family will be asked to prepare or purchase a main dish to serve 6-8 people, and in addition will be assigned to provide either a side dish or dessert. Volunteers are needed to oversee the drinks table and replenish the supply as needed throughout the event. Finally, volunteers remain at the close of the evening to breakdown tables and wipe down the area, so that we are welcome back to the same location in the future!


Props are produced, designed and constructed by parent volunteers during the summer prior to the beginning of the marching band season. Props are designed to compliment the musical score and add drama to the band’s presence on the performance field.

The Prop Construction Chairman works closely with the Band Director and four volunteers to design functional and portable props. Band parents who are interested in volunteering for this committee should do so by July 1st of each year.

Band parents are needed to act as Prop Display Volunteers and are scheduled to help before, during and after various contests, games and special events throughout the marching band season. Responsibilities of this role include removal from transportation trailer, assembly on site, transport to and from the field, dismantle, and load onto trailer (transportation crew puts on/takes off trailer at school).

Fifteen to twenty-five Prop Display Volunteers are needed to help on a weekly basis. Band parents who are interested in manning and assembling the props on site at each (many of the) competitions and games should volunteer at the Band Potluck.


The Sewing Committee is responsible for producing the performance flags that are used by the Watterson Band Color Guard during performances and competitions. At times it is necessary for these committee members to alter the Color Guard members’ costumes also.

The Sewing Committee is comprised of parents and guard members (anyone that can pin, sew, or cut). Several sets of flags are used during one season. A pattern is made for each sets’ original design. This committee then gets together two or three times to cut the design for as many types of flags as needed and then sew each flag together until all have been completed.

Each Color Guard member is responsible for washing her costumes & performance flags, usually by hand in Woolite and then air drying them. Each member is also responsible for keeping their set of flags in good condition, and transporting their flags to and from home for all practices, performances, and competitions. The Watterson Band Transportation Committee helps to transport the Color Guard flags to and from the performance and competition venues.

During the summer the Color Guard members get together and hold parent supervised car washes. The monies earned from these events help to purchase the materials needed to make the performance flags.

Parents can sign up to help with this committee during the Band Booster Potluck held in August.

Sub Sales

The Sub Sale is a major fundraiser for the Watterson Band Program that occurs twice a year, on Saturday in the fall and the spring, typically coinciding with Report Card Pick-up. Band students pre-sell the subs; the quota historically has been 55 per student. These subs are then assembled in the school cafeteria on delivery day by band members and their parents. The subs are delivered by each student, with some customers picking up their subs at school. The Sub Sale enables band students to help keep the cost of participating in the band affordable. Students who sell above their quota can earn money in their incentive account which can offset trip expenses and annual expenses.

There are two chairmen who organize the sale, in addition to a treasurer who handles the money and orders. Typically, the tenure of the chairmen is for two years. The year they pass the “baton” they will be available for any questions and help as needed. It works well to recruit freshmen parents for the following year. There are detailed instructions for the chairmen including a timeline which is a big help.

Parent volunteers are greatly appreciated and can sign up to help at the beginning of the school year at the Band Potluck Dinner. These duties include driving subs to the homeless, unloading the truck on the Friday night before the sale, picking up donuts for the day of the sale, helping with sub pick-up and order filling, selling any remaining subs on Sunday at report card pick-up, in addition to working the assembly line on the day of the sale.



The Transportation Committee is responsible for transporting the Watterson High School Band’s equipment to football games and band competitions. The band has a large equipment trailer and a small utility trailer. The Transportation Committee, nicknamed the “Schleppers”, load and unload the trailers, and assists with placing the part of the percussion section called “The Pit” on the sideline. One becomes a “Schlepper” simply by signing up at the pre-season Band Booster Potluck. A “Schlepper” can be either a Mom or Dad of a band or color guard member. While it is not required to be at every event, it is helpful to be at most, as the placement of “The Pit” on the sideline needs to be done in a timely fashion, especially at competitions. “Schleppers” are often assigned to handle a particular piece of equipment to make this go smoother.

The Transportation Committee Chairperson is responsible for seeing that the above duties are completed. The Chairperson is also responsible for recruiting and scheduling drivers to pull the band’s trailers. The big trailer is approximately 28 feet long and has been estimated to weigh about 6500 to 7000 pounds loaded. The tow vehicle needs an electric trailer braking system and a receiver capable of a Class IV or better hitch. The band supplies the actual 2 5/8 inch hitch, spring bars, and sway control. Vehicles used in recent years include Ford Expeditions, F-150 pickups, etc. The band also uses a small utility trailer with a golf cart loaded on it. The tow vehicle requirements for it are much less, as pretty much any minivan or SUV has been used to tow it.

Joining the Transportation Committee is a great way to make friends and get involved in your child’s marching band experience. The “Schleppers” usually hang out together at football games and do all that male bonding stuff. (Females are always welcome too.) “Schleppers” get into games and competitions for free. There are usually enough “Schleppers” present to ensure that nobody actually breaks a sweat! Please consider becoming one of the few, the proud, the “Schleppers”.


The Watterson High School Marching Band is outfitted in custom designed uniforms from Stanbury Uniforms. Each year during “Pre-Band Camp”each member is sized, fitted, and assigned a jacket, pant overall, & storage bag. The remaining parts of the uniform, hat, shoes, gloves, & plume, are ordered and assigned by the band director & the band officers.

The Watterson Marching Band members wear these uniforms from the third week of the season throughout the end of the football games or through the Disney Trip which occurs every other year. Summer band uniforms, ordered and dictated by the band director & the band officers, are worn for the first two weeks of the season due to the extreme heat.

The Uniform Committee is assigned the responsibility of fitting, altering, repairing, dry-cleaning, and washing the uniforms as often as needed to provide the band members with crisp & unsoiled garments for their award winning performances. These tasks require the dedicated participation of all 74 band members, 2 chairmen, 8 dry-cleaning volunteers, and 15 washing volunteers; all of which are comprised of band members’ parents. An annual “Uniform Fee” is assessed to each band member to cover the cost of the dry-cleaning.



The website is created and produced by one chairman. This chairman updates the content of the website pages as often as possible to keep them as up to date in order to supply all Watterson Band members and their families with a timely communication source. All chairmen are encouraged to supply the Website Chairman with timely and pertinent announcements, flyers, and photos on a regular basis in order to be posted on the website’s pages.   

Band members, their families, & band alumni may apply for a username and password to view information that is not made public.