Band Booster Presidents oversee the operation of the Band Booster organization, working closely with Band Director Mr. Mike Renzi and his staff, Bishop Watterson High School administration and others interested in the band and color guard, all working to ensure that band activities go forward in a way that is beneficial to all the students and parents that are involved with the Bishop Watterson High School Marching Eagles.

The Presidents, traditionally composed of a husband and wife team, conduct the Band Booster Meetings, which are usually held on the third Thursday of every month during the school year. The presidents also coordinate the work of the Committee Chairs. The President appoints a non-voting representative to the Bishop Watterson School Board. The Presidents recruit Committee Chairs and help to recruit future officers of the Band Booster organization.

The Presidents communicate with members of the Band Booster organization between meetings usually by emails. They also rely on the Band Boosters’ website for communications to the band members and parents. The Presidents work to promote and encourage awareness of band activities throughout the school year.

The Presidents act as liaison and help to foster a good relationship among the Band, Color Guard, Band and Color Guard staff, school administration, and other organizations in the Watterson High School community. The Presidents meet with the principal and administration on various issues of interest to, and for the benefit of, the band community and the school, such as calendar coordination, fundraising opportunities, and other issues that arise from time to time, always keeping in mind the strong tradition of the band at Watterson High School.

Vice Presidents

The Vice Presidents are responsible for doing the following:

  • Arranging for cookies for the visiting band on game days,
  • Organizing chaperones for buses and band parties,
  • Recruiting people to manuever and move props or murals during performances (if requried), 

Additionaly, the current vice presidents will be come next year's presidents.


The Treasurer is responsible for maintaining the fiscal health and stability of the Band Boosters. Responsibilities of the Treasurer include:

  • Preparation of the annual budget, in consultation with the Director, Officers, and Committee Chairs,
  • Submission of check requests to the Watterson High School office for payment,
  • Collection of balances due, and preparation of deposits for submission to the Watterson High School office,
  • Maintenance of all necessary accounting records of the band boosters and preparing periodic financial reports for distribution to the membership, and
  • Maintenance of students’ incentive account records and preparing periodic reports of account activity.

Sub Sale Chairperson

The Sub Sale Chairperson is responsible for overall organization of the sub sale, which happens twice a year. Responsibilities include:

  • Prepares a flyer for taking orders.
  • Schedule delivery of the supplies.
  • Schedule volunteers.
  • Runs things the day of sub sandwich preparation.

Sub Sale Treasurer

The Sub Sale Treasurer is responsible for the financial records of the sub sale and keeping track of how many subs are sold and by whom. Duties include:

  • Input sale information on a spreadsheet.
  • Collect, count and reconcile money.
  • Produce financial reports after the sale is over.
  • Submit checks to Watterson for depositing.
  • Two parent volunteers are needed during the sub sale. The treasurer is present during the day of the sub sale. Otherwise, most of the work is completed on the computer.

Recording Secretary

The Recording Secretary attends all Band Booster Meetings and takes notes. The meeting agenda serves as an excellent outline. As soon as reasonable, he or she types up meeting notes and emails them to the Booster members.

At the subsequent Booster Meeting, the minutes will be submitted to members for approval. After the minutes have been duly approved and by the group at large, the recording secretary files submits an electronic copy to the web chairman for inclusion in the web site.

The Recording Secretary position is a great job for anyone who wants to know what's going on with the Band Boosters. It's also a great way to meet a lot of Booster parents, learn new names and begin to get involved.

Corresponding Secretary

Sends cards or flowers when requested by the Booster officers.

School Board Representatives

One person serves as the Band Booster Representative to the Watterson School Board during their monthly meetings held from August through June.  This is a non-voting position. The primary function is to serve as a liaison between the Band Boosters' and the Watterson School Board and to update the board during each meeting on upcoming Watterson Band Program events.